A Unique Solution For University Of The West Of Scotland

In December 2016 Yesss Electrical Glasgow provided us with a brief for a solution to an existing, but no longer working, T5 fluorescent suspended lighting system. The particular challenge was that it needed to follow the staircase so to move from one level to the next and also the contractor did not want to run additional cabling for power.

Using our partnership with the European factory that manufacture our extrusion range we were able to meet the customers’ needs by using a custom large aluminium extrusion which was fitted with plug-and-play connectors. We used flexible connector leads to allow for the change in floor level and used 230v OSRAM LED modules to provide more than ample light output. The whole process from manufacture, shipped to the UK, testing in our workshop, dispatched and installation was achieved within 3 weeks from point-of order.

“Overall the project looks fantastic and the University are very pleased with the system. Initially we weren’t sure if the contractor had completed the installation as we had not had any phone calls from the contractor during installations querying anything only to later find out from them that the plug-and-play setup made it so simple to fit!” Say Jamie, National Sales Manager of Ledridge.


At Ledridge we are passionate about providing our customers with solutions to meet their needs and this project is testament to what we do best. Our hands on, bespoke as standard, approach means that even if it’s not in our catalogue we have the contacts and technology available to us to make your project happen.